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Rückbildung is via zoom



Pippagina is run by Lynn Darbyshire Msc. RM. RGN. a German Registered Hebamme and a British Registered Midwife.  Lynn originally trained as a nurse in the UK and after qualifying worked in general medicine and gynaecology.  In 1990 she qualified as a midwife. She worked in all areas of Midwifery both in the hospital and in the community, and also spent a number of years specialising in prenatal screening and genetics.

In 2003 she moved to the USA where she worked teaching and facilitating prenatal and postnatal classes as well as working as a ski patroller in the winter.

In 2011 she moved back to Europe and returned to clinical practice, as well as completing a Masters degree in Womens Health and Midwifery. Her dissertation examined the risk of postnatal depression in the immigrant population, this topic remains an integral part of Lynn’s work at

In addition to her work at Pippagina, Lynn also looks after ladies in pregnancy and post delivery

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Jeldrik  is a German Registered Paramedic with over 6 years experience. As an active EMS worker he has a large experience with emergencies involving toddlers and children. As well as conducting first aid classes for adults and children, he is also qualified to teach paramedics. 

 In 2021 he founded the Centre of Emergency Medical Education (Zentrum für notfallmedizinische Ausbildung); he and his team are all active paramedics and EMS workers

In parrallel with his work as a paramedic Jeldrik is a doctoral student at the institute of experimental anaesthesia of the technical university of Munich, where he is researching on new therapeutic options for Alzheimer’s disease.

Jeldrick and his team will offer 3 hour first aid classes to new and expecting parents at The Yoga Garden.

To book a class please email:

Our Classes

Prenatal Classes

One  Stop Childbirth (max 6 couples)

Breast Feeding & Newborn Care

(max 8 mothers)

Second Time Around (max 6 mothers)

Hypnobirthing (max 6 couples)

New Parent First Aid Class

Prenatal & Postnatal Classes

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plus date and pricing details

Postnatal Classes

New Beginnings (max 8 mothers with babies)

Tiny Tots (max 8 mothers with babies)

Little Movers (max 8 adults with babies)

Explorers (max 8 adults with babies)

Rückbildung  (via Zoom)

Infant Massage (via zoom)

New Parent First Aid Class

Workshop:Motherhood.The birth of a new identity

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