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Na’ama can be contact by email, or by phone 017651437619 and has a practice in Dachau.

Na’ama, how would you best describe your area of expertise?

I was born and raised in Israel and have lived here in Germany since 2006. I am a qualified acupuncturist with over 27 years experience. My interest in acupuncture was initially personal. Traditional Western medicine focuses on and treats mostly the symptoms, ultimately suppressing the illness. Holistic medicine generally, and acupuncture specifically treats the person as a whole; both physically and mentally. Acupuncture treatment is tackling the root of illness and disease. It was an approach that made total sense to me.

Tell me more about your career journey-

I undertook a two-year long internship with a highly regarded Chinese acupuncturist in New York to really immerse myself in the discipline followed by four years in a Chinese Medicine college in Israel, where I graduated. Later on I was very fortunate to spend four years in China where my husband was working. During this time I specialized in oncology, gynaecology and pediatrics in local hospitals as well as working in an international clinic. On returning to Israel I started my clinic and I teamed up with four colleagues to create a four year degree program to teach acupuncture at the University of Tel-Aviv, this course is still running today.

So how can acupuncture help?

In many, many ways. As a holistic approach there is really no stage of life in which it can’t help. There are benefits right from the first week of life. The super fine needles are only inserted momentarily in babies or we use tiny Vaccaria seed plasters to apply pressure to the relevant acupuncture points. Acupuncture can help with gas and constipation, teething, recurrent ear and

Do you have success with treating fertility and pregnancy challenges?

Yes I do, Acupuncture can help with fertility and throughout pregnancy. I help pregnant women experiencing nausea, vomiting, constipation, migraines, joint and back pain. I help turn babies in breech and transverse positions. I can help induce a labor and importantly I can help with postnatal issues such as mastitis and blocked ducts.

A great natural solution to so many challenges, anything else?

As I said, acupuncture works in every stage of life and so when women reach menopause it helps here too: with hormonal changes, hot flushes, headaches, constipation, mood changes, depression and insomnia. A truly holistic approach.

Languages- English and Hebrew.

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