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Amanda Isaac's Post-Baby Core Restore programme can be purchased at and is currently available for the special price of 49Euros (instead of 89Euros). Once purchased the programme is available for 12 weeks. For any questions please contact Amanda on

Amanda speaks fluent English and French

Amanda, what brought you to Munich, Germany? I moved to Munich over five years ago with my Italian husband. Our first baby was just five weeks old at the time. Initially the move was temporary but plans changed and when I realised I would never return to my 10 year long nursing career in Quebec, I was determined to find a way to reimagine my skills.

So, you are a qualified nurse? Yes! I am a nursing graduate from University of Ottawa. My first two years were spent on a post-partum ward helping new mothers. I then spent many years in clinical work with community health and maternal childcare in remote northern communities of the James Bay, Quebec. I am very passionate about my work, so it was very hard to accept that I would have to leave that behind.

How have and built on those skills since? My principle interest has always been supporting the health and wellness of women. Pregnancy and motherhood pushes women through massive changes to their body. It changes your posture, weakens joints, stresses the pelvic floor, interrupts diaphragmatic breathing and damages and weakens core muscles. From my personal experience as a nurse and as a sportswoman, I saw there was a way I could forge a new career to help new mothers regain their core strength post-delivery and make them feel better in their post baby body. Having always been an athlete growing up and wanting to be able to help people, it felt like the right fit. Initially I took an intense personal training certificate program with the American College of Sports Medicine. I am about to complete my studies with recognised international physical therapist Dr Sarah Duvall as a Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Specialist. This training and my own success in correcting the physical problems faced in the postnatal period has been the bedrock of my new career.

Tell me more about how you can help mothers regain their optimal health and wellbeing? I created the Post-Baby Core Restore programme. It’s a series of app-based workouts designed to correct issues such as recti diastasis or the separation of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy, to resolve pelvic floor dysfunction and fix those embarrassing leaks, restore good posture and deep diaphragmatic breathing and regain core strength. It’s a six-week programme. None of the 24 workouts need any special equipment and can be worked into any schedule. I resolved my own postpartum issues with this programme and I am so proud to have helped so many women regain their confidence and health.

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