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A recent study showed almost 9 in 10 (87%) parents were more anxious as a result of COVID-19 with parental loneliness rising from 38% to 63% as an increasing number of mums face their first year in lockdown.

It is no surprise that anxiety, overwhelm and parental burnout are on the increase. Being a new mum pre-pandemic was already a life changing moment and for any expat Mama’s out there, there was the added burden of missing loved ones and grappling with the local lingo on three hours sleep. That blurry first year, of mixed emotions; from joy, laughter and gratitude for this beautiful little human, through to exhaustive tears, frustration and anxiety was always tough but then the pandemic hit. Parenting in a pandemic, was not something anyone could have prepared for.

Mothers are not supposed to raise their babies in isolation and without a loving helpful tribe by their side. These are difficult times and it is normal to have difficult emotions. What can you do when your anxiety reaches a point where it is taking over, or you feel like something is really ‘off’? The answer is...reach

out...remotely of course...for now.

Life Coach, Jo Fiddy says “The pandemic has been raging for almost a year, there is a lot of stress and anxiety pulsing through our bodies. We are practically bathing in cortisol and this is on top of the inadequate sleep and support, that comes with being a new expat mum without a tribe. Our amygdala, that is the fight, flight and freeze response in the brain, is firing off like a car alarm and impacts our entire body and mind. You might feel tension in your body such as tight shoulders or back or perhaps you are experiencing constant anxious thoughts and heart palpitations.”

One powerful technique that Jo has had huge success with is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). “EFT is one of my favourite techniques that I use with clients and is so successful with anxiety. You literally tap on the meridian points in the body and express how you feel. Say it, feel it, let it go.

Numerous studies have shown that this can help dial down the distress of the amygdala and restore calm,” says Jo. Jo is originally from the UK and is a qualified and experienced EFT and NLP Practitioner and Strategic Intervention Coach. As someone who overcame burnout and 10 years of anxiety, she knows what she’s talking about and has created an incredible collection of digital self-help tools that are completely free. This nourishing library also includes relaxing techniques, such as EFT audio meditations for Life with a Young Child, Missing Family and Friends and Anxiety in the Body.

To access Jo’s free meditations and tools just go to:

The Motherhood Circle I'm delighted to announce that I will be hosting The Motherhood Circle, a supportive group coaching series for Pandemic Mums at Pippagina in Munich. Starting on Wednesday 5th May, the brand new four-week program has been designed specifically to nourish the mental health of mothers in lockdown. This is a sharing circle x group coaching, a sacred space for Expat Mums, to share their motherhood journey with like- minded mothers as well as receive the benefits of group coaching. Due to the Covid restrictions, The Motherhood Circle will be held on Zoom at 7pm . As a Mindset Coach and Energy Practitioner, I focus on transforming and nourishing the mind, alongside releasing negative emotions and energising the body. The Motherhood Circle will include my favourite tools and techniques to restore a more balanced state, boost confidence and raise energy levels. For centuries women have been coming together to celebrate the highs of life, commemorate the low ones, and generally strengthen the bonds of sisterhood through conversation and shared experiences. The pandemic has taken away, the basic human right to connect with other mothers in the same situation. As an Expat Mum in Munich, I empathise with the struggles of juggling motherhood in a country that is not your natural home and missing the loving support of family. I designed The Motherhood Circle, as I understand the depths of loneliness and isolation motherhood can bring and the strength and kindness of women supporting women. Parenting in a pandemic, was not something anyone could have prepared for. Mothers were not supposed to raise their babies in isolation and without a loving helpful tribe by their side. The Motherhood Circle, aims to bring together a community, who are missing family, friends and finding their new identity as well as being a mother. Pippagina is run by Lynn Darbyshire Msc. RM. RGN. a German Registered Hebamme and a British Registered Midwife. Lynn is a superhero and my own personal hero, who brings together, educates and nurtures soon to be and new mums. Taking care of the mental health of new mums is paramount to Lynn and the team at Pippagina and The Motherhood Circle, is an extension of their philosophy. The Motherhood Circle is open for all mums in Munich, who have given birth during the pandemic and are raising small humans in lockdown. When:Wednesday 5th May 2021. Time: 7pm Where:Zoom For full details and to book your place

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