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Pregnant in Munich

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is a happy time, but also you will probably have some anxieties, especially if Munich and Germany are not your home country.

The following aims to give you some general guidance on what you need to do, if you still have questions or concerns, please contact us by email.

FrauenArtz Appointment

Once you have found out you are pregnant you will need to find yourself a FrauenArtzt, known also as an obstetrican in many countries. You may already have your own FrauenArtz, but if not you will need to find yourself one. Maybe one that a friend has recommended or that has been recommended to you by your Health Insurance. If possible one that speaks a language that you are comfortable in commmunicating in is more reassuring for you during this time.

It is advisable to book an appointment early around 6-8 weeks, (unless you have been previously advised otherwise) as this  is both optimal for you and your new baby.

For more information contact us by email.

Finding a Hebamme/Midwife

You will need to find yourself a Hebamme (Midwife) to look after you and your baby post delivery. Finding a hebamme in and around Munich is not always easy. It is advised to look and book yourself a Hebamme early. Finding one who speaks a language you are comfortable communicating in is ideal. 

For more information contact us by email.

One Stop Childbirth Classes​

Breastfeeding and Essentials of Newborn Care

Second Time Around Classes​

All prenatal classes should be covered by medical insurance.

New Beginnings

Tiny Tots

Little Movers


Infant Massage

Ruckbildung Classes

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