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Home birth is defined as giving birth to a baby in your place of residence. Most home births are attended by a Hebamme/midwife, though they can be attended by a doctor; and in an unplanned home birth this may be attended by emergency technicians, or in a very quick birth it may be a family member in attendance. In most countries it is not legal to have a planned home birth without medical personal in attendance In a low risk pregnancy there is evidence to suggest that a home birth can be as safe as a hospital birth; especially when it is not the mother’s first pregnancy. A home birth is associated with reduced intervention, and an increased normal delivery rate. Overall the literature shows that a woman experiences less pain when in her own environment, has more autonomy over her birth and increased satisfaction. Another advantage of a home birth is the continuity of care that a woman and her partner receive. They are cared for in a small team of midwives which means that for the most part they will have already met the midwife who is with them at their baby’s birth. The percentage of home deliveries has only decreased over the years with numbers in the UK and Germany being around 1% per of all births. Most women in Munich choose to deliver in a hospital or birth house (Geburtshaus) but for those who wish a home birth there are Hebammes in Munich who offer this service.


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